Do you temporarily need extra reinforcements for one or more projects? With an EPAHS Project Manager we will turn your project into a successful project.

What can you expect from our Project Managers

You can count on an active manager who has appropriate powers and who is able to switch quickly and provide sound leadership. Within a short time our project manager will find his or her way within your company and the corporate culture and this with the right balance between expertise, skill, methodical discipline and empathic capability.

Our Project Managers will take care of:
• Structure, from drawing up the project plan to realizing a desired result and subsequently implementing that plan
• Have the ability to respond effectively to circumstances outside and within the project
• Are creative and can think like no other with an ’out of the box‘ mindset to translate the wish of the organisation into a concrete result
• Are driven and always know how to motivate projects with positive energy by acting in a businesslike as well as sensitive way
• Always have an eye for the various processes within the project and monitor this
• Our Project Managers are not only task-oriented but also people-oriented and are always working on deploying the right employees in the right job within a project. By always having a great willingness to listen and be approachable

Skills of our Project Managers:
Development and management of budgets, Coaching, Supervision, Project management, Management competence, Process improvement, Self-development, Planning, Performance management, Purchasing, Target-oriented working.
"Project management is important to make all the changes from A to B as effectively and efficiently as possible."

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“Project management is important to make all operations from 'A to B' as effective and efficient as possible."
‌Our Project Manager takes responsibility and ensures the successful completion of a project. And realizes the project by coordinating the project and / or managing project staff and project management.

"The successful completion of various projects from the development phase to realisation!"
For whom
For managers or executives who want to deploy a manager on a project-by-project basis who is able to successfully achieve defined goals. You want to be sure of sufficient expertise and experience and of course you look forward to a good result. At EPAHS attention is always paid to integrality between people, resources and manners.
Our Project Managers
Patricia Hoogland
Razor-sharp and with a heart for people, Patricia analyzes and advises organisations. She keeps you sharp by showing you things from a slightly different side. She converts her knowledge and experience in the field of change management and organisational science into well-founded, tailor-made advice.
Rene Wijshake
René is social, driven and analytical, knows how to get the best out of employees with his strong empathic capability and thereby empowers them to reach their potential.

‌René is an energetic and driven man who always aims for the maximum result. 
Approach and costs 
We are happy to discuss the various assignments and projects for which an experienced Project Manager is being sought. Following this meeting, which is without any obligations, we will discuss what we can do for each other and a suitable proposal can be worked out. After presenting this proposal, the process and the cost price will be determined.
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