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How the integral MIOO formula from EPAHS changed the UWV WORKcompany into a well-oiled machine

The UWV is currently facing a major challenge: there is more to offer than there are people who can do the work. The job seekers want to work, but often do not fit the vacancies that are currently open. To help both employers and employees as well and as quickly as possible and to prevent people from ending up in a benefit situation for a long time, it turned out to be essential to optimize the performance of the organization and the people within the UWV. To achieve this, the UWV WORKcompany in Alkmaar enlisted the help of EPAHS, an expert in the field of change management in the workplace.
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Regional manager Hans Tromp: “I had been looking at how we could improve our services for a while by optimizing the performance of the people and the organization. An example: we have an internal and external service here, or a Jobseeker services (JS) and Employer Service Point (ESP). The match between the two could be better. "

In order to tackle the points for improvement outlined in an integrated manner and to intensify and optimize the cooperation between the Unemployment Benefit and ESP, Hans Tromp has started a project group. One of the members was Fred Bos, Intensive Services Advisor. "The opportunity to improve things appeals to me," says Fred. It was this project group that came up with the idea of ​​dividing the JS and ESP advisers into teams that focus on a sector in the labor market that includes one or more sectors: the so-called sector teams.

Each sector team is composed of multidisciplinary staff from both JS and ESP advisers and specializes in one sector or a bundling of sectors. As a result, knowledge about the possibilities, training, opportunities and developments within a discipline / sector is united. And in this way the supply and demand of clients and customers match optimally. Each branch team has a joint responsibility for achieving the team goals and KPIs.
Door jouw organisatie niet te veranderen, maar te optimaliseren! Met onze eigen ontwikkelde oplossing analyseren wij organisaties/afdelingen en draaien we, op basis van de resultaten, aan de juiste knoppen om jouw bedrijf/organisatie nog meer te laten bloeien en groeien.
Wat maakt ons uniek?
Wij geloven niet in quick wins en half werk. Met alleen een software-oplossing of alléén gelukkig personeel heb je nog geen optimaal presterende organisatie. Onze ervaring leert dat de combinatie en juiste balans tussen Mens (M), Informatiemanagement (I), Organisatie (O) en Opleiding (O) zorgt voor meer winstgevendheid. 
‌Deze totaaloplossing noemen wij MIOO en zetten we vanuit EPAHS met veel enthousiasme en succes dagelijks in.
Onze MIOO aanpak
Fresh look
‌“Change always brings some resistance here and there. The project group also did not always run smoothly. I told Hans that an independent, powerful project manager might help to get the flywheel going better, "says Fred. "Hans then started looking for an organization consultancy firm that took a broader approach to this entire change process, with an organization consultant who could look beyond the average consultant."
Own success
The most important success factor? "That is the piece of support within the organization that ultimately made this work from the employees themselves," Hans continues. “At the beginning, a little suspicion was looked at here and there, but in the end it became a sort of rock in the water. We always went one step further, and that was achieved by the employees themselves. Other directors watched this process with great interest and are curious how we have achieved this. I am really proud of the employees and what we have achieved in recent months. ”
Mutual trust
Work Adviser, Canan Demir - Celik: “EPAHS helped us, as the JS and ESP, invest a lot of time in each other. We got to know each other better and better, which created trust. That way we understood each other's positions better and better and we could really get to work. We soon became one team. "
Switch to Branchteams
“The integrated MIOO approach really helped us with that. The mission and vision are still the same, but both are now being implemented better in practice. The means is different, the conversations are different. The industry teams have goals, their own team plans that they discuss. And that means that they own their own customer population, which they know as many people as possible need to go and go back to work. "

The switch to branch teams has also ensured that managers have more hands on to direct people and, where necessary, to address them.
Team spirit
‌ Within our industry team there is really a team feeling. We all take our responsibility much more, "says administrative assistant Cisca Landsmeer. "I now have even more challenges in my work."
Shared responsibilities
The funny thing is: if you look at it from a distance, little seems to have changed within the WORKcompany. Hans: “We have not invented a new wheel. However, the approach has changed completely. We now have a more open culture in which responsibilities are shared. The focus is clearer and the independence to solve problems greater. You now see people looking for solutions themselves instead of "looking up" for help. "
The integral approach
‌“Thanks to the integrated approach you can see exactly what is happening everywhere. As an employee you are no longer part of a club, but a branch team. It is no longer easy to fly under the radar," said Jobseekers Services Manager Ron Spaans.
We are ready for the future
“I'll give the course an 8.5. Looking at things differently, that fresh look, that was the most useful to me. With the EPAHS professionals I can quickly switch to start a creative process. I need people who think along and build something up with me. Experts who think outside the box without knowing exactly where you end up. And most importantly: colleagues put their hands together for fire. It is great to see that they now come up with ideas more often themselves, then have the guts to take steps and the management also gives them the freedom to do certain things ”, Hans concludes.
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