What is our method?

We don’t believe in quick wins and half measures. With only a software solution or only happy staff you would still not have an organisation that performs optimally. 

‌Our experience shows that the combination and correct balance between:
- People (Mens)
- Information management (Informatiemanagement)
- Organisation (Organisatie) and
- Education (Opleiding)
ensures higher profitability. We call this integrated approach: the MIOO method. Below we explain this in a short film:
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EPAHS has developed a unique formula with which we are able to analyze not just one component but the overall picture. We always do this from the following focus areas: People (M), Information Management (I), Organisation (O) and Education (O), because only the balance between these pillars ensures higher profitability for your organisation.


It’s the people in organisations who make things possible. They form the backbone of a company. We are mainly interested in the soft skills, the intangible, the inner experience, feelings, and how these affect a person. To bring out the best in your employees they need to be able to develop both personally and professionally. Remember: happy persons within the organisation contribute to the success of your company.

Information Management

Nowadays we take in information every minute. More than ever we need information to be able to work efficiently because we want to share important information (without losing time). In addition to the fact that the provision of information must be a solid support and has to fit in optimally with the organisation, business and work processes, we also believe that the people in the organisation must feel optimally facilitated by IT..


The company, the organisation, the institution: these are in fact abstract concepts. In concrete terms, an organisation consists of people and resources. The effort and deployment of these people and resources must be balanced. Consider, for example, the processes, structure and culture. We have often experienced that communication is a major part of the problem, but at the same time is the prerequisite for a purposeful existence and further progress.


Knowledge. Theoretical insight. Know-how. Thorough training and courses; the so-called hard skills. They offer a solid foundation. That is, if people are given the room to develop their strengths to their full potential. More often than before, organisations want to focus on utilizing talents. This however, is not always done optimally. Developing talents is necessary in order to be ready for the future.

The power of integrality

The integral approach is a concept that is increasingly expressed in our society. Collaboration, connection, integrality are all words that represent the power of combining knowledge for mutual benefit.

MIOO includes the integration of People, Information Management, Organisation and Education. There must be a good balance between these four components to ensure a balanced, effective, efficient but above all, profitable organisation.
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Door jouw organisatie niet te veranderen, maar te optimaliseren! Met onze eigen ontwikkelde oplossing analyseren wij organisaties/afdelingen en draaien we, op basis van de resultaten, aan de juiste knoppen om jouw bedrijf/organisatie nog meer te laten bloeien en groeien.
Wat maakt ons uniek?
Wij geloven niet in quick wins en half werk. Met alleen een software-oplossing of alléén gelukkig personeel heb je nog geen optimaal presterende organisatie. Onze ervaring leert dat de combinatie en juiste balans tussen Mens (M), Informatiemanagement (I), Organisatie (O) en Opleiding (O) zorgt voor meer winstgevendheid. 
‌Deze totaaloplossing noemen wij MIOO en zetten we vanuit EPAHS met veel enthousiasme en succes dagelijks in.
Onze MIOO aanpak
Do you want to know what Epahs can do for your organisation?
EPAHS is a team of experienced specialists. We have developed a unique formula that makes your organisation / company more successful, more sustainable, more profitable and more future-proof.


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