An important prerequisite for being successful together as a team is the pursuit of a shared goal. Mutual connection, a well-supported plan by team members and ownership are essential for this. If the team gets stuck in patterns and starts showing ineffective behaviour, it can be extremely frustrating and demotivating for the team members. In the case of expressed or unexpressed conflicts, a crisis in the team lies just under the surface and can just pop up anytime.


The purpose of this training is to look together with the team for:

• Awareness of the importance of good communication
• Mutual cooperation and relationships
• The self-management of the team
• Work in a result-oriented way
• Collaborate in a goal-oriented way
• To further discover and develop capabilities and qualities

Training and coaching of the team on the development of team competencies is the key to get a team moving. Every team that actively and consciously works on itself will notice that job satisfaction, collaboration and being result-driven go hand in hand. Productivity will increase proportionally to the involvement and enjoyment of your employees.
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Team coaching helps the team improve interaction, mutual connection and trust between team members. 

Team coaching is tailor-made work. For instance, each team has a unique history and culture, its own purpose and development phase. Before the process starts, there is an intake interview and the objective is formulated on the basis of the coaching question. Are the coach and the team a match? You see, in order to make a process a success, both parties must feel good and there must be a mutual degree of trust/confidence. If this basis is not there, there’s no point in starting on it. During the final interview, we look at whether the objective has been achieved and, if necessary, the process is extended in consultation with the customer.

Team coaching at Epahs takes place in a safe and pleasant atmosphere that encourages team members to engage in an open dialogue with each other, to express opinions, give feedback and to make choices and agreements together about future action.
For whom
Teams, who want to work (pro)actively and purposefully on better mutual communication, coordination of tasks and responsibilities and who want to get back the feeling of working in ’a team‘. Each team has unique personalities, each with their own talents. The challenge is to recognize, acknowledge and utilize this.

Onze Teamcoaches
Evert Hulleman
Evert seeks the balance between task, team and the person with a committed and result-oriented attitude

Jan-Hindrik Hartman
Jan-Hindrik Hartman goes for solidarity, agreement, teamwork and at the same time does not shy away from a challenge. With Jan-Hindrik what you see is what you get. Talk to him and experience what it's like to be heard and how words are translated into action.
Nicole Kruyning
Creativity is the fuel for change is what she stands for! If you are looking for a different approach then you've found the right person. She makes you take the next step. Are you curious? Then contact her quickly

Although Team Coaching is custom-made and a trajectory that depends on many factors, a duration of 6 months is assumed.

A Belbin team/personality assesment is conducted before the start. The personal profile is determined with the analysis, based on the Belbin roles.

• Based on interviews with team members, it becomes clear where the team exhibits effective and ineffective behaviour • The shared goal is determined. Tangible, ambitious and realistic plans are made and realized. To achieve this, we build on the knowledge, expertise and experience of the team
• Increasing the mutual connection by making it possible to discuss and clean up unexpressed conflicts and raising awareness of effective cooperation
• Taking collective and individual responsibilities (ownership) and what this means in concrete terms for each team member when it comes to personal performance
• We work together during a day or part of a day
Location and costs

We will discuss the location with you. Team coaching can be in-company at our office or in another inspiring environment. After we have discussed our proposal for the trajectory for your team with you, a cost price will be determined.
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