Business Coaching

Business coaching is aimed at optimizing the organisation in different areas within the work area, individually or as a team. This can be focussed both on the development of the employees, supervisors, etc., and the processes within the organisation.

Our Business coaches can help you with the following issues, among other things:

• Brainstorming about strategic plans and working on substantive issues
• (Further) develop individual leadership
• Improve managerial qualities
• How can I find a better balance between work and private life in my current job?
• Learn to plan and work more efficiently & more effectively
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Working with more relaxation, with more energy and with solid results!
Working with more relaxation, with more energy and with solid results. And yet with much less effort and with greater flexibility and more entrepreneurship. As well as with the right focus and priorities in order to get the best out of your organisation.
For whom
Individual coaching: (director, executive, managers) that is aimed at developing/optimizing leadership. With attention to the development of specific individual competencies and skills

Teams: who want to work (pro)actively, efficiently and effectively, focussed on team development and mutual cooperation.
Business coaching is tailor-made work. For instance, each individual, team and organisation has a unique history and culture, its own purpose and development phase. Before the process starts, there is an intake interview and the objective is formulated and the programme is created based on the coaching question. Using this question, we select the right coach who suits you. Because for a process to be successful, both parties must feel good and there must be a mutual degree of trust. During the final interview, we check whether the goal that was set has been achieved and, if necessary, the process is extended in consultation with the customer.
Our Business Coaches
Edwin Stolk
Everything you put energy into grows. Edwin does not waste a second on non-positively contributing words, sentences and actions.
Evert Hulleman
Evert is an expert in the field of teamwork and team performances. Practically oriented, able to switch well between the work context of teams at all levels in an organisation
Location and costs
We will discuss the location and cost price with you. Business coaching can be in-company at our office or in another inspiring environment. After we have discussed our proposal for the trajectory for your team with you, a cost price will be determined.
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