Processes. Structures. Systems. These are abstract concepts, but once uncovered it becomes clearly visible what important role they play in your organisation as well as how they are linked to the strategy of the company. Business processes and the systems that are used must provide maximum support for business operations.

Our vision 

Thinking (or learning to think) in processes is valuable: much more valuable than thinking in teams or departments. By following the process, the customer (or student) comes first. Thinking and acting from a process perspective ensures profits.
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Our Process Manager is responsible for the course of a certain process and he / she implements various improvements to the process or sets up new processes. Efficiency is key!
EPAHS considers the whole picture. No islands, no loose ends. We offer process management from A to Z and are happy to help you:
• Map and analyze current processes
• Describe the desired process
• Formulate integral advice about the path from the current situation to the desired situation
• If desired, implement this advice
• Introduce your employees to process thinking
For whom
For managers, administrators and advisers who want to get thorough understanding of optimal organisation of processes, including an analysis of the results in the long term.
EPAHS assumes that process thinking is always focussed on the needs of your customer. Together with you, we will go through the process through the eyes of the customer. The insights we derive from this, together with your strategy, the primary process and the underlying processes as well as the roles within your organisation, form the starting point for a successful, integrated vision on process design. Tough stuff? That's right. But above all we see this as a challenge that we are happy to take on.

‌If you want to exchange ideas or talk further about process management, make an appointment for an exploratory interview and we will be happy to tell you more about our approach and the expected results.
Our Process Managers
Patricia Hoogland
Razor-sharp and with a heart for people, Patricia analyzes and advises organisations. She keeps you sharp by showing you things from a slightly different side. She converts her knowledge and experience in the field of change management and organisational science into well-founded, tailor-made advice.    
Rene Wijshake
René is social, driven and analytical, knows how to get the best out of employees with his strong empathic capability and thereby empowers them to reach their potential.

‌René is an energetic and driven man who always aims for the maximum result. 
We are happy to discuss the various assignments, issues and projects for which an experienced Process Manager is being sought. Following this meeting, which is without any obligations, we will discuss what we can do for each other and a suitable proposal can be worked out. After presenting this proposal, the process and the cost price will be determined.
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