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Are you worried about how to deal with the new reality? A reality in which freedom and security must go hand in hand. The Cloud and tablets are the new USB sticks, which could be leaked online if one does not pay careful attention. How does truly confidential information remain protected?

That new reality starts today!

Because how do you make employees aware of what they do and do not post on social media? How do you keep your suppliers of Cloud applications or outsourcing focussed? How does access to applications in the Cloud remain user-friendly (that was already difficult on the company network, but now even more)? And how do you move all IT processes to this new reality but in your own manner (customization)?

And more importantly, are you already working on it?

Today we absorb information every minute. More and more often we need information to be able to work or because we just want to share things with each other.
In addition to the fact that the provision of information must of course be a sound support and must fit in optimally with the organisational, business and work processes, we also believe that the people in the organisation should be able to feel optimally facilitated by IT. This increases the support and motivation to make good use of this.
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Insight and structure in all data and IT processes within your organisation!
Our information manager examines and analyzes all the IT processes within your organisation and responds to (complex) issues within your organisation where it is needed. Advising about trends and implementing various solutions are definitely also part of the goal of optimizing information provision. Our information managers analyze the existing processes and translate these into clear solutions to then optimize the IT processes as a whole.

For insight and structure into all data and IT processes within your organisation!
For whom
For organisations and administrators who need integral advice about (complex) issues in the field of information management. For organisations that are looking for insight and structure in all their data and IT processes with the aim to perform even better. By streamlining your processes, you ensure that there is a balance between people-oriented and result-oriented work.
Our Information Managers
Ricardo van Beveren
Ricardo optimizes ‘data intelligence’ with people as the starting point. In other words: simple, user-friendly, but complete and supportive of the goals of the organisation. Ricardo connects the cables between people, organisation and IT!

Rene Wijshake
René is social, driven and analytical, knows how to get the best out of employees with his strong empathic capability and thereby empowers them to reach their potential.

‌René is an energetic and driven man who always aims for the maximum result. 
Approach and location
With customized advice and an integrated approach, we will help you get on the right track by providing you with sound tactical / strategic information advice. An EPAHS information manager has knowledge and understanding of IT (processes) and the new world and can quickly put himself in the organisation’s shoes to make the right match or analysis. The employees, in combination with your IT processes and how user-friendly the applications are also taken into account.

No organisation is the same. Therefore, a suitable IT infrastructure always remains customized. With us, a personal approach is paramount. We start each process with an extensive introduction to get to know your organisation and IT infrastructure. Our Information Managers then translate your wishes and requirements into a customized action plan. We can also develop a suitable proposal based on specific questions.

Whether you want an in-house IT infrastructure or want it to be outsourced, everything is possible.
“When you can't change the direction of the wind — adjust your sails”
                                            H. Jackson Brown
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