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Of the seventeen million people in the Netherlands, around thirteen million participate in the labour market. What position do you actually have among all these people?

What you can expect from our Career Coaches:

Are you not sure if you are in the right place within the organisation, are you looking for more challenges? We are happy to help you find out what opportunities the labour market has to offer you in order to get more out of your career within your current or new job.

More than ever, you are asked to take control of your career yourself. You may have questions about your current work situation at a given time. Is the job becoming less interesting? What are the career opportunities? Do you feel restless or perhaps even tired? Or are you just ready for a change?
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“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
- Confucius

‌We will help you and your employees find out what opportunities the labour market has to offer you in order to get more out of your career within your current or new job.
For happier staff and a pleasant working atmosphere! For more efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace for you and your employees!
For whom
Are you ready for a new challenge or a next step? Then you are very welcome at EPAHS Career Coaching. Together with you, we will extensively map out all your questions, doubts and ideas and show what influence you can exert on your environment yourself, by being yourself in a powerful way.
We start from scratch: with an intake interview in which your personal goals are expressed, in the form of a coaching question. Do you have a good click with the coach? That is a prerequisite for a successful coaching trajectory: there must be mutual good feeling and trust. During the final interview, the coaching question once again emerges: has your personal goal been achieved? The project can be extended in consultation, if necessary.
Our career coaches
Jacqueline Boots
Letting people experience happiness in their work is her passion! It helps people to get a clear picture of their professional ambitions and what steps they need to take to achieve these. It is her mission that every employee has a job that suits him / her!
Jan-Hindrik Hartman
This sincere optimizer is skilled and wants the best for everyone. There won’t be a moment of doubt, with Jan Hindrik what you see and what you get. Talk to him and experience what it's like to be heard and how words are translated into action. 

This process takes a maximum of four months and consists of seven conversations of an hour and a half. Before the start, participants complete a DISC assessment: this determines a personal profile based on the four behavioural traits, dominant, influential, stable and conscientious and is a good way to start the process fully aware of how you function.
Location & costs
Together with the coach, the desired location is determined: this can be at work, at the coach's office or at another location. The costs amount to EUR 1,625.00 for the entire process.
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