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Progress is the only constant factor within organisations. Which is a good thing, because this way your organisation stays up to date on all developments that are relevant to you. Therefore, progress management is pre-eminently relevant for every professional.

What you can expect from our Change managers:

Our Change Managers ensure that the integrated process, which at the same time requires focus on the factors IT, organisational (structure) and people, becomes visible. Behaviour and the interaction between (groups of) people largely determine the success of progress. Your employees and the culture that prevails within your organisation have become essential factors. Progress (and with that in some cases a change or optimization) is increasingly seen as a constant and therefore a normal part of business operations.

‌An EPAHS Change Manager does not look so much at the improvements that need to be made, but rather at what opportunities there are for an organisation. We involve your employees, strengthen their responsibility and enter into an open dialogue.
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An EPAHS Change Manager does not look so much at the improvements that need to be made, but rather at what opportunities there are for an organisation.
‌EPAHS considers the whole picture. No islands, no loose ends. We offer change management from A to Z and are happy to help you with:
• A clear-cut analysis
• Formulating integral advice about the path from the current situation to the desired situation
• Empowering employees
• Showing progress, implementing it and finishing it well with people being the central focus.
For whom
Are there changes about to be made within the organisation, without you knowing how to handle these? EPAHS can support you with this. An expression that applies here is ‘It sometimes takes a pair of fresh eyes to get a different perspective’. These changes can be difficult for your employees and in that case experience and expertise are the solution. Of course we understand that it is somewhat unsettling to let loose an external specialist in your organisation. But when it turns out that this professional is actually helping you with the progress, solves problems, creates internal support and even optimizes the atmosphere, then you will be grateful/happy that you have given extra attention to this.

Our Change Managers
Edwin Stolk
Everything you put energy into grows. Edwin does not waste a second on non-positively contributing words, sentences and actions. Besides reflection, everything revolves around improvement, growth and collaboration for him. 

Patricia Hoogland
Razor-sharp and with a heart for people, Patricia analyzes and advises organisations. She keeps you sharp by showing you things from a slightly different side. She converts her knowledge and experience in the field of change management and organisational science into well-founded, tailor-made advice.  
Approach and costs
With customized advice and an integrated approach, we will help you get on the right track by providing you with sound advice. Feel free to contact us for an intake. We can work out a suitable proposal based on your specific question.
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