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The approach of our Information Technology (IT) specialist is aimed at guiding automation in all the phases of your business processes.

Consultancy, implementation, engineering, support and management are carried out in-house, which makes the interplay between these disciplines optimal and we will therefore offer you the quality you desire. The supporting activities cover the entire range of services that occur around IT activities in your organisation. Having a help desk available to provide maintenance and flexible (additional) system management to total outsourcing of your workplace and system management ensures the necessary peace of mind in your business operations.

Our IT services

In a world where the internet is increasingly central, EPAHS responds to the market by providing various online services to its customers. We offer our customers the great cloud-based solutions that are currently available.

Our cooperation partner Pro Change Solutions is a registered Hosting Exchange reseller. This means that we can offer our customers a customized email solution and can adjust it when necessary.

The safe storage of data is of great importance for every organisation. By being able to offer a cloud-based environment for file storage, we offer a secure and complete solution to our customers.

Companies increasingly want a flexible IT environment. We ensure that a customized package is delivered in consultation with the customer. The focus is on cloud-based solutions such as virtualized server environments or workplaces so that the customer can work anywhere and anytime without having to worry about the security of their data and the equipment to be used.

We also provide professional solutions in the field of domain and website management. The management of these environments takes place in consultation with the customer. Requesting domains, setting up web hosting and managing websites using CMS are some of the options we can offer.

It is important that the website of a company is found quickly on the internet and is high in the Google rankings. We offer possibilities to improve the search priority of the websites of its customers. This will result in more traffic on the website and possibly more new customer contacts!

Due to the collaboration with various partners, we are able to automatically make a backup via the internet every day. All your company data are stored via the internet in the completely secured data centre and all changes are added daily.
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A solid IT infrastructure is the basis of your business operations!
‌A solid IT infrastructure is the basis of your business operations. All your PCs, laptops, servers, network, storage media, printers, fixed and mobile phones and of course your telephone and internet connection together must be performing consistently to perform well. Problems in your IT base can make life pretty difficult and considerably slow down your productivity and that of your employees.

Ensuring a stable, reliable IT environment within your organisation!
For whom
For organisations / teams / departments that seek guidance or consultancy or have various IT (Information Technology) questions related to the automation of all phases within the IT business processes of your organisation.

Our IT Specialists
Jerry Jansen
Jerry is a quiet, flexible all-round IT manager and developer. Do you have IT problems? Jerry has the solutions! Do you want him to develop a customized solution? Jerry will dive into it and make it happen!
Ricardo van Beveren
Ricardo optimizes information provision with people as the starting point. In other words: simple, user-friendly, but complete and supportive of the goals of the organisation. Ricardo connects the cables between people, organisation and IT!
Approach and costs
No organisation is the same. Therefore, a suitable IT infrastructure always remains customized. With us, a personal approach is paramount. We start each process with an extensive introduction to get to know your organisation and IT infrastructure. Our IT specialists then translate your wishes and requirements into a tailor-made action plan. We can also develop a suitable proposal based on specific questions.

Whether you want an in-house IT infrastructure or want it to be outsourced, everything is possible.
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